Friday, May 12, 2006

Preparing for Japan

Well, I've been in France for almost two weeks now, so just as I'm settling in I'm heading off to Japan. Ah well. I got to move my job instead of having to find a new one, but I have to go to Japan as a result. Three times for two weeks each over the next three months or so. At the time it seemed like a great thing, but now I'd rather stay here. That's a good sign, I suppose.

Lots of things to do to prepare. I have a load of books to bring out of the office today, as well as bringing the laptop that I'm currently using back to the house so I can actually do some work in Japan. Unfortunately, today was also the day that I first took the train into Paris in the morning. Normally my girlfriend (Sidonie - she'll probably crop up from time to time during the blog) drives into Paris for work, and I head in with her, but today she's got things to do in Picardie, so I was train-bound.

There isn't that much actual work stuff to do, though. Except that I'm moving office again. When I arrived in Paris, I was put in a nice office. At the end of the day I was told that I'd need to get a new one the next day. Two days later I was moved again! (That's three in four days, for those of you who are counting). So I've been nice and settled here for a week. This morning I was informed that they're going to need this one, so I'll be moving all my stuff that I'm not bringing with me into the second office that I had. It's all fun...

I've added some links to the sidebar of the blog too. One's for my home page, one's for Guardian Unlimited's football site, which I highly recommend. And I've also added a link to John Madden's blog. He's my best friend and tends to talk about alt-rock and, occasionally, hockey. Oh, and his cat. Enjoy.

Well, I'll see if I can get some posts in from Japan.