Friday, May 26, 2006

Leaving on a jet plane

It's my last night in Tokyo. For this trip, at least. I'm heading back to France tomorrow evening. I really didn't do much interesting stuff the whole time I was here. Lots of work, sleep. That's about it, really. I plan on doing some actually interesting things next time.

I'm told that we have curtains now at home. And a phone! This is a big deal as it means that I can finally get a decent connection to the internet at home. In Ireland, the best connection I ever had was about 512kb/s. Not too bad. In France I can get 18Mb/s! Quite a difference. Not that is really that different with an 18Mb connection...

I've added a link on the sidebar to Andrea's Marques's blog. She and her husband Mark have a site with blogs and pictures and other things. Andrea is a huge fan of all things Tokyo. There are lots of interesting pictures and anecdotes on Andrea's site. Have a look. She gave me lots of tips for things to look at in Tokyo, but I haven't had a chance to do much of it left.

I had a nice proper Japanese meal last night. It was me and four Japanese from ANA who had decided that I needed to try a proper local meal. So there was lots of fish. Most of it raw. Surprisingly very nice, though. And I'm getting more adept at using chopsticks now.

Anyway, it's very late here, so I'm going to head off to sleep now. C y'all later...